Catalog 46. Sam's Last Catalog

Welcome to our catalog of Sam's last purchases. Sam died in September before he could complete assembling books for a fall catalog. Here we have Art and Illustrated books, Edward Gorey and our favorite Figbash "in person", Children's books, Literature, Americana, Physics, and Economics.


Caroline and I will be closing the store early next year. This is our last catalog, but we will be putting out lists of books in categories of Sam's special interests before we close.

Catalog 45. New Arrivals

It’s summer and warm in Phoenix.  Many people depart for the “cool” climes. We, on the other hand, continue to search for the “cool” books. So here is a collection of recent arrivals meant to tempt the appetite. From Roald Amundsen to James Watson. With many stops in between including  Philip K. Dick, Albert Einstein, William Harvey, Friedrich Hayek, John Hunter, A. A. Milne, Ludwig Mises,  Giovanni Morgagni, Octavio Paz,  Ayn Rand and President Harry S.Truman. So take some time (it IS summer), browse and enjoy.

Special List 11. One Degree of Separation: Association Copies

“Six Degrees of Separation”. That is the theory that everyone is six or fewer steps away from any other person in the world. In the world of collectible books, Association Copies are ones that link people, events or fields of endeavor with “One Degree of Separation”. Roy Chapman Andrews book “On the Trail of Ancient Man” inscribed to his patron John D. Rockfeller, Jr. is a prime example. Spalding’s “America’s National Game” inscribed to his friend and newspaper tycoon Edward Scripps is another. Zane Grey’s “The Vanishing American” inscribed to his sister is yet a third. I really like these works for they add a different dimension to book collecting. Besides, it is fun discovering and researching these volumes. So dig in and enjoy.

Special List 10. Signed Works by Nobel Laureates

These special lists are meant to highlight works which share a particular, unique characteristic. In this case Signed works by Nobel Laureates. Some Laureates are familiar to many of us—Niels Bohr, James Watson and Nelson Mandela are good examples. But I must confess before I started the research, I did not have a good idea about George Porter, Ahmed Zewail, Nikolay Semyonov, Leymaw Gbowee, Wangari Maathai, Judy Williams, Ragnar Granit, Michael Bishop and Archibald Hill among others in the catalogue. So have a look and enjoy.

Catalog 44: Books I Wanted to Keep - But I am a Bookseller

The title of catalogue 44 deserves some explanation. All of us have favorite topics, authors and illustrators. So I put together a collection of works that in a perfect world I would like to keep for myself. Here are favorites in science, mathematics, economics, Asia, children's and illustrated. Happy reading.